We make it easy for you to sell your furniture and home decor.


1.   E-mail a picture of your gently used furniture  to

If it's easier, you can text pictures to 401-588-2312

2.  Smaller, more portable items can be brought in for evaluation.

3.  Call us to set up an appointment to come see your furniture by calling 401-289-2246.



*If pickup is required, the pick-up fee is deducted only after your item is sold.



When we sell your furniture we give you 50% of the final sale price.



Prices are marked down:


30 days -  10%  off

60 days -  20% off


At 120 days we give you the option to either take back your furniture or we can donate or dispose of it for you.






656 Metacom Avenue

Warren, Rhode Island