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Custom  Bookshelves

East Bay Consignment brings quality custom bookshelves to you at an affordable price. Every unit is made  to order for each customer.

 Our units are produced using 3/4" solid pine that gives every individual piece it's own unique look. Our bookshelves are built to last, constructed for a lifetime of use. Included with every order is your choice of Minwax Wood Finish stain or can be painted for an upcharge.

Cabinet grade oak or birch is available for bookcases with a depth of more than 11" or for a more formal look.






Sample Sizes:


56"H x 24"W -   $180
56"H x 36"W -


68"H x 24"W -   $216
68"H x 36"W -   $324


81"H x 36"W -   $378
81"H x 24"W -   $252


*Custom sizes welcome!


A polyurethane finish can be added for an additional $30.


For a chart of available stain colors, please visit the Minwax Color Guide.


Delivery is available for a modest fee.


Please call Kirk at 401-400-9166 or 401-289-2246  for additional information or to place an order.



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